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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Coronation Street fans spot bizarre problem with police detective as Stephen Reid’s victims are found

THE cobbles were shaken by the discovery of Leo Thompkins’ body on a building site, less than a year after his sudden disappearance.

However, Coronation Street fans were more concerned about one troubling detail about the detective asked to investigate the murder.


Craig Tinker showed up in the Rovers with a colleague[/caption]


He broke the news that Leo’s body had been found[/caption]


But viewers were more distracted by the fact that Craig’s detective partner remained completely silent[/caption]

Jenny Connor was taken aback when Craig Tinker (portrayed by Colson Smith) showed up in the Rovers on official police business as she was expecting him to order a drink at her bar.

But when the recently promoted detective broke the news that a body previously found on a building site was that of her former fiancé Leo Thompkins, Jenny was choked with emotion as she realised he had never left her.

ITV viewers will remember that both Jenny and Leo had made plans to leave Weatherfield for Canada before he was killed by Stephen Reid.


The businessman, who has since struck up a romance with Jenny, led her to believe Leo had skipped town without her and abruptly ended their engagement.

But when Leo’s body was found, regular viewers of the Manchester-based program were surprised to see Craig was doing all the talking, despite being in the company of a colleague.

Jenny asked both coppers how long Leo’s body had been on the building site, unbeknownst to anybody, and Craig checked with his detective partner before letting her know the hunk had been buried there for a long while.

All throughout this encounter, the fellow copper remained silent, simply nodding at Craig to show his approval.


Multiple viewers took to a Digital Spy forum, expressing their confusion over Craig’s seemingly mute accomplice.

“That non-speaking copper has been Craig’s right-hand man for a few months now. I think ever since Craig moved to CID. Why he’s always mute god only knows”, one of them penned.

Another quickly chimed in: “He’s just an extra. It’s required that there be two of them, but if he had lines he’d have to be paid more. I thought it looked ridiculous that he never opened his mouth.”

A third soap fan jumped into the conversation and complained: “The even more ridiculous thing is that Craig is obviously the trainee CID officer and the mute guy is his DI.”


“He’d be teaching Craig things all the time, not just nodding to let him know that he was allowed to give out information.”

One soap viewer was confused as to why Craig was assigned the case due to his proximity to Jenny and Leo.

“This has probably been covered several times, but in a case like this would you really assign a detective who knew the people involved as a friend and neighbour?”, they questioned.

“I know it’s kind of going to happen if you create a policeman character, even so it didn’t seem very plausible.”



Everything you need to know about Coronation Street

Things are about to spiral out of control for serial killer Stephen Reid with another one of his crimes set to be exposed.


Stephen has claimed three lives in Weatherfield over the course of his stay and nearly killed Elaine Jones in an attempt to get his hands on her money.

Both Leo and Teddy were killed when they caught on to his money-making schemes and the latter’s body was thrown into the nearest canal.

Earlier this year, Stephen then murdered Rufus Donahue who learned he had been spiking Carla Connor with his LSD to get to the top of the Underworld business.

Actor Todd Boyce is due to bow out of the long-running program in October, 2023 – could he be killed off on our screens?


Will Stephen escape justice?

Only one way to find out.

Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.


Stephen’s downfall is due to play out in upcoming weeks[/caption]


Another one of his crimes is set to be exposed[/caption]
September 21, 2023 at 04:59PM

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