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I tried making a 900-mile journey in an EV and failed – I was left with serious pain in my knees and back

A DRIVER has been left with serious knee and back pain after making a 900-mile-journey with an EV.

The driver took his electric Porsche from Cornwall to Scotland but it ended in nightmare.


The driver was left in serious pain after hours on the EV[/caption]


He took his electric Porsche Taycan to a test drive from Cornwall to Scotland.[/caption]


The motors expert was attempting to test the range of the Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

But what should have been a 900-mile smooth and painless trip ended in excruciating pain.

He told The Mirror: “I arrived at the Land’s End start line at around 05.30 with the wind blasting through the peninsular and a wave of nervous anticipation rushing through my system.

“On my route, I used the sat nav and its inbuilt charging guide to tell me where to charge and for how long.


“This was useful for range anxiety, but not completely fool-proof.”

The trip went all smooth at first – with the vehicle “feeling in its element” on Cornwall‘s wide back roads.

He said the 143 mph car’s steering was “direct” with the powerful control traction “always on tap”.

However, his EV nightmare started when he entered the bumpy A30 motorway as there are no direct routes between the Land’s End and John O’Groats.


To avoid a range mishap, he decided to save energy by turning off the air-con and the regenerative braking.

As he drove a few miles on the M5, he started to feel extremely uncomfortable on the £100,000 luxurious car.

“You might imagine that sitting in a car this expensive and this posh would be like sitting in an armchair in a first-class airport lounge.

“As I later found out, it wasn’t,” he slammed.


The EV enthusiast claimed to have developed serious pain in his knees, back, ribs, chest, and even my elbow as a result of the long journey.

Despite adjusting his driving position and the cruise control to take a break from the accelerator pedal, the pain persisted.

Frustrated he fumed: “By the time Scotland was hovering into view, I was in a great deal of discomfort despite using the heated seats to help my back and stretching when possible.”

Following the horrible driving experience and fearing for his safety, the driver decided not to finish the journey.


The cars enthusiast said the 15-hour easy journey to reach the Scottish border could have been a painful 24 hours ride in the EV.

He added: “As a result, as I crossed over the Scottish border, I began to question the safety behind what I was attempting.

“With this in mind, I aborted the attempt on John O’Groats and set the sat nav for a hotel I’d booked as my backup in case the attempt failed.”

“I eventually parked up at a hotel north of Edinburgh 14.5 hours after I set off, exhausted.”


The motors expert finally admitted the car performed well in most areas, but the “limitations to electric motoring” hinder its ability to take long journeys.

It comes as another EV owner revealed he was almost stranded on the motorway because its charge went down when he wasn’t even driving it.

Lee, known as The MacMaster on YouTube, needed to drive his electric Porsche Taycan from Heathrow Airport to Mansfield.

September 20, 2023 at 06:25PM

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