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I’m an English coast expert – there are 3 quirky factors that make the perfect seaside town – here are my top picks

A TRAVEL expert has revealed the three factors that make the perfect seaside town in England.

Travel writer, and award-winning author, Madeleine Bunting has spent the last two years visiting 40 seaside towns in England.


A travel expert has revealed the three factors that make the perfect seaside town in England[/caption]


Amusement arcades are one factor that makes for a perfect seaside getaway[/caption]


Smells like fried donuts are another classic feature of the English seaside[/caption]

Madeleine Bunting has spent the last two years visiting 40 seaside towns in England

She documented her coastal adventures in her new book, The Seaside: England’s Love Affair.

After she spent 24 months exploring English seaside towns, Madeleine sussed out the three factors that all the perfect spots have in common.

She told Sun Online Travel: “What is really interesting about the English coast is the diversity of towns, they’re all very different places with very different flavours.”


Despite the differences, Madeleine pinpointed several factors that the best seaside spots all had in common.

She added: “One of those is that you have the smell of food frying, like the chips and the donuts.”

As well as the smell of fried goods, Madeleine also listed the fresh air as another key smell that belonged to seaside towns.

She added: “The noise of the amusement arcades and their playful activities are another feature.


“And they [seaside towns] often have heritage buildings too, which gives the English seaside towns a sense of history.”

Madeleine’s findings mean that some of the best seaside towns don’t even need to have a stunning beach to be considered the perfect getaway spot.

And according to Madeleine, one of those places that ticks all these boxes is Blackpool.

She added: “There’s a great sense of history [in Blackpool], and it’s just very, very, fun.”


Another seaside spot, and Madeleine’s favourite, is Scarborough.

There are two beaches in Scarborough, North Bay Beach, and South Bay Beach, which is home to traditional seaside attractions like donkey rides and a big Ferris wheel.

Several spots in Scarborough also serve up classic seaside grub like fish and chips, cockles, and sticks of rock.

There’s also a handful of amusement arcades like Coney Island and Olympia Leisure.


Away from those traditional seaside ingredients, Madeleine is drawn to Scarborough because of its lesser-known attractions like Woodend Art Gallery.

One destination Madeleine has encouraged Brit holidaymakers to visit before it becomes too well-known is Watchet in Somerset.

The seaside spot recently benefitted from a £7 million rejuvenation project, with the funds being raised by a group of locals.

Thanks to the funding, the Somerset town was able to open East Quay – a harbourside arts centre that’s become a hit with holidaymakers on Instagram.


As well as the new centre, Watchet also has other seaside features like fish and chip shops, and an amusement arcade.

Meanwhile, here is the beach town you should never visit in the daytime, according to Madeleine.

And, one northern seaside town has been nicknamed the Las Vegas of the UK thanks to its arcades, cabaret, and sandy beaches.

The traditional seaside town of Skegness has been likened to the American city for several years.


The seaside town of Scarbrough has been welcoming holidaymakers for over 400 years[/caption]


Heritage buildings and a sense of history are another factor that makes for perfect seaside spots[/caption]


Scarborough is Madeleine’s favourite seaside town[/caption]
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