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Monday, December 4, 2023

Katie Price shows off her ‘real lips’ as she gets fillers dissolved before getting new ‘Russian doll’ fillers

KATIE Price has undergone another round of fillers as well as showing off her ‘real lips’ in the process.

The 45 year old has had new ‘Russian doll’ fillers to give her one of her biggest pouts to date.


Katie Price showed off her natural lips before topping them up once again[/caption]


She opted for a ‘Russian doll’ look[/caption]


Katie seemed impressed with her latest procedure[/caption]

Before having the new lip overhaul, Katie had all her existing fillers dissolved which showed off her ‘natural’ lips.

The procedure allowed her lips to return to their natural state before the mum-of-five quickly had them injected again – this time in a ‘Russian doll’ style.

Laying down on a bed, Katie smirked down the lens of the camera as she proudly showed off her pout.


Sharing a clip to her Instagram story, Katie said: “I’m back!

“Got the eyelashes done, eyebrows – but guess what?”

She then pulled the camera closer to her pout as she said: “The lips.”

“They’re back, how good are they?


“Russian doll lips, 3D lips.”

The reality star is thought to have spent well over £500,000 on surgeries over the years – including 16 boob jobs, at least three face lifts, multiple brow lifts, Brazilian bum lifts, as well as filler and Botox.

She’s also spent a small fortune on her gnashers, having them whitened, tightened and completely shaved down.

Her family and friends have already warned her about getting more surgery and insisted she doesn’t need it – but Katie is determined.


In an extract from her book, serialised by The Sun, her mum Amy writes: “When most people have an off day or are feeling a bit down, they change the colour of their nails or dye their hair, but Kate changes the shape of her body.”


She gave a close-up of her incredibly full lips[/caption]


The star is no stranger to surgery and fillers[/caption]
September 21, 2023 at 03:57AM

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