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Saturday, December 9, 2023

My Mum Your Dad viewers in tears for Martin H as he sobs and says ‘I’ll never be the guy that gets the girl’

MY Mum Your Dad viewers were in tears last night as Martin H broke down in front of his co-stars.

Devastated Martin H, 56, lost out on Tolullah’s affections, despite sharing a kiss with her, to Martin M, who then opted to pursue things with Monique from his second love triangle.


Martin H broke down as he reflected on his love life in front of the other parents[/caption]


Tollulah felt she had more of a connection with Martin M[/caption]


In a group workshop, Martin H’s emotions got the better of him as he poured his heart out in front of the other parents.

Each mum and dad was given a word that, unbeknown to them, came from their children, which they then related to their own circumstances.

“My word is deserving,” sobbed Martin H. “I want to go forward, I don’t want to look back. The martin I can see in the future is deserving.

“I will always first and foremost be a dad, I believe I’ve done it well, they all seem to like me, but I came in here with some doubts about myself. 


“I have a catalogue of failed relationship including a 25 year marriage.

“I’m always going to be told no and be the kid who doesn’t get the girl. But I’ve now learned maybe I am worthy.”

His heartfelt speech had his daughter Jessica in tears as she listened to his deeply personal assessment.

Viewers also sobbed and reassured him that he is enough.


One wrote on X, formerly Twitter: “Martin H is probably one of the best guys in there. He is such a gent & his daughter should be so proud. Monique & Tollulah have both gone for the wrong guy imo.”

Another said: “What a beautiful Man. They will regret their choice.”

A third said: “I hope he sees all these comments and realises how much love there is for him.”

Meanwhile Martin M came under fire from his co-stars, with Roger branding him a ‘game player’ after he used the same chat up techniques on Monique and Tollulah.


In a conversation about his antics, Natalie said: “I’m not saying he is leading anyone on, but the way I hear Mon and Tolullah talking about their interactions with him, I think both of them feel like there is attention towards both of them.”

Janey said: “They’re both not going to take any nonsense.”

Natalie responded: “Yeah… he is playing with the wrong two women.”

Making his feelings clear, Roger said: “He is playing game.”


The other parents listened intently to Martin’s words[/caption]
September 21, 2023 at 01:33PM

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